emanuel grants erben

28.05.2009: is kim jong ill?

is kim jong ill?
yes i think so.
but i'm also a little concerned about
our foreign affairs minister stonemajor.
recently his speeches became screaming massacres
and his voice sounds like he is supposed
to visit the hustinettenbär immidiately.
or maybe he should just change his
vocal coach - sounds like it is the
same that gerhard gazprom schröder
used to have.
apropos true hair/colour.
the hormonmedication of mr. berlusconi
should be interupted soon otherwise
he is going to end as the jerry lee lewis
of the politshowbiz.
thanks god dr. müller wallfahrt has returned
to the fc bayern - maybe he has some kind
of creme for stuttering edi's christian movement
heal them dr. wallfahrt! and then shoot the
creme-rocket to korea....but do not verwechsel
east and west korea...or are you auch schon
in den verwechseljahren like me i get languages
durcheinander in the letzte zeit....
please give me a cream
give me a pill
make schnell me gesund
und dann kim jong ill!